Şehlem has graduated from  Communication Faculty. In her undergraduate years, she was interested in gender studies and critical media studies and took undergraduate courses in these fields. She enrolled in the Master’s Program in Radio, TV and Cinema Studies. During her master’s education, she became interested in the representation of the female body and Michael Foucault’s theories on the body. She participated in several photography exhibitions. Her latest project, “One Day: After Work,” was supported by the Danish Government Cultural Scholarship, FREIA (Feminist Research Centre in Aalborg University) and EDGE (Centre for Equality, Diversity, Gender); she opened her first exhibition in Women’s Museum in Denmark, Aarhus. She was a member of a feminist organization named AMARGI in Istanbul. She is a board member of the Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence Turkey. She is a founding member of the Kluge Women Art Collective. She was at the University of Helsinki as a visiting scholar. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Communication.


Higher Education

-Ph.D. in Communication, Istanbul Bilgi University Istanbul, Turkey

Thesis: Reading the Korean War through the Photographs of Semiha Es

– Visiting Ph.D. Candidate, University of Helsinki / Finland

Subsidiary areas of study: photography, women photographers, war, feminism, gender.

-Visiting Scholar, Aalborg University / Denmark

-MA, Ege University Izmir, Turkey, Social Sciences Institute , Radio TV and Cinema Department

Thesis: “Representation of Body in Turkish cinema after 1990”.

-BA , Ege University Izmir, Turkey, Communication Faculty .



 Book Chapter

  • Sinemada Beden Iktidar ve Ideoloji: 1990 Sonrasi Türk Sinemasinda Beden Temsili, with Dilek İmancer, Representations of Media, Ed: Dilek İmancer, Izmir/ 2010
  • The Image of the Eastern Women from the Eyes of Western Man: A Study on Jean Auguste
  • Dominique Ingres’s “Turkish Bath”, with Seda Ağırbas; The 21st Century Women, Change and Empowerment, Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Fen-Edebiyat Fakültesi Publications, İzmir,2010.
  • A Semiological Reading: The Weeping Meadow, International Dimensions of Mass Media Research, Edited by Yorgo Pasadeos, First Published in 2007, Athens, Greece.


  • “Bunlarrr”, Gezi Park Special Issue, with Dilara Kızıldağ, Amargi Feminist Magazine , Issue 30, Istanbul , 2013.
  • “A Way of Opposition: The Women’s Museum Istanbul”, Amargi Feminist Magazine , Issue 27, Istanbul , 2012.
  • Women Image in Photography: Case Study of National Geographic Photographs (1950- 1990), Fotografya, Issue 27  (http://www.fotografya.gen.tr/TR/belge/1-375/sehlem-sebik.html)
  • The Use Of Woman Body As a Means Of Marketing Communication: Body Representations In Two Local Newspapers With High Circulations In Izmir Province, with Beril Akıncı Vural and Mikail Bat, International Marketing Communication Symposium/ MARCOM, Ege University Faculty of Communication, 2009, Izmir.


  • 2015- Untitled – 2nd Gender and Discrimination Workshop – Ali Akkanat High School Exhibition Hall- Istanbul /Turkey
  • 2013 – Photonovel of Pınar Selek’s Child Story “A Drop of Water” – Cezayir Meeting Hall – Istanbul/Turkey
  • 2011 – One Day – Danish Women Museum, Mimar Sinan Faculty of Fine Arts, Amargi Istanbul, Aalborg University – Solo Exhibition
  • 2009- Identity and Obedience – Cizgeli Kedi Art Gallery – Izmir – Group Exhibition
  • 2009 – 8 Days – Bashimi Art House , Salzburg – Austria – Group Exhibition
  • 2012 – Body and Politics – Artist 2012 – 23th International Istanbul Art Fair – Act Of Art – Group Exhibition -Istanbul/Turkey
  • 2008 -Women for Women (111 women photographers living in Turkey and across the world came together and took step towards doing something to stop the violence) – The Hall – Istanbul – Group Exhibition


Workshops Leader

Photography and Gender – Galata Fotografhanesi – 2015



Adrıán Villar Rojas – The Most Beautiful of All Mothers – 2015 İstanbul Biennal 

Speaker :

  • Korean War Photographs of Semiha Es (1950-1953), Semiha Es Women Photographers International Symposium, 2013.
  • Images of Women in Photography, ODTU Photography Festival, Ankara, 2014.
  • Images of Women in Photography and Women Photographers’ Self Portraits , Bursa Photography Festival , Bursa, 2014.
  • Images of Women in Visual Arts, The Istanbul Amateur Photography and Cinema Society (IFSAK), Istanbul, 2015


Workshops Attended

  • 2016 “Discourse studies and method” PhD Seminar – Nico CARPENTIER – University of Helsinki – Finland
  • 2016 “Finding Joy and Productivity in Academic Writing” – Carol Kiriakos – University of Helsinki – Finland
  • 2015 Chance of Diversity Video Workshop , by Sabine Küper-Büsch ve Thomas Büsch – Istanbul – Turkey
  • 2015 Femina- Training and Laboratory Project , by Marjolayne Auger, organized by Halka Art Project – Istanbul – Turkey
  • 2012 Interactive Web Documentary Workshop , leaded by Andreas Treske, organized by Mode Istanbul and Doc Next Network – Istanbul – Turkey