(with Ayca Ceylan)


Along with the disciplines of sociology, philosophy, feminist theory and psychology, videography in conjunction with photography is used
as an overlapped interdisciplinary methodology in this serial work. The myth of women being more close to nature in contrast to men,
who is more perceived as being closer to culture, is also played in the question selecting a power plant, which was settled as a modern space,
as the location of the performance. In this work, women’s split persona on gender related social roles vs. the male
who is perceived as being close to culture by the society are questioned. Aiming for this serial to go beyond the ordinary,
unique perspectives in both photography and videography are utilized, aiming to create a different time/space in video art.


In this work, based on the feminist perspective, Jung’s social gender roles and the concept of archetypes, which are used in explaining the cultural
and mythological backgrounds of these roles, are be utilized. Considering the polarization of women in society, which generally sets out on the axis of
the mother versus the prostitute images, the concept of archetypes is instrumental in evaluating the situation of women. This situation is
visualized in memory of the selected space by using women artists’ bodies. The Madonna image is placed against the virgin image as a contrast.
The virgin archetype activates the holy mother within the individual, while the Madonna archetype arouses the internal prostitute.

sehlem/ayca 2015